Available in COM or BMS fabric selection






Seat Height: 19

Seat Depth: 17-1/2



  • Modern Wing Dining Chair
  • Hardware: Polished nickel or polished brass rings on back


3 YDG.      50 SQ FT.

Allie Side Chair

  • *Use a soft cloth or the soft brush on your vacuum cleaner to dust your leather furniture. For a more throrugh cleaning, use a dampened cloth and then wipe the leather dry. Do not use saddle soaps, poliish or wax for cleaning.


    *If you have a spill, immediately blot dry with a soft cloth.


    *Avoid exposing your leather furniture to direct sunlight or other heat sources, which can dry out and/ or discolor the leather.


    *Nail polish, ink pens, paint, and other common household products can cause permanent damage to leather.