KING            W80-3/4 x D87-5/8 x H58       12 YDG.     165 SQ FT.
CAL. KING   W76-3/4 x D91-5/8 x H58       12 YDG.     165 SQ FT.
QUEEN        W64-3/4 x D87-5/8 x H58       11 YDG.     150 SQ FT.



KING            W80-3/4 x D87-5/8 x H58        6 YDG.      85 SQ FT.
CAL. KING   W76-3/4 x D91-5/8 x H58        6 YDG.      85 SQ FT.
QUEEN        W64-3/4 x D87-5/8 x H58     5.5 YDG.       75 SQ FT.



KING             W80-3/4 x D87-5/8 x H58         11 YDG.      150 SQ FT..
CAL. KING    W76-3/4 x D91-5/8 x H58          11 YDG.     150 SQ FT.
QUEEN         W64-3/4 x D87-5/8 x H58          10 YDG.     135 SQ FT.


  • Channeled Upholstered Bed with nailhead trim
  • *Nail head options available

Megan Bed

  • * To preserve and enhance the beauty of your wood furniture, remove household dust with a soft, dampened cloth.  Dust in the direction of the grain pattern to prevent noticeable scratches from dust particles.  For a more thorough cleaning, a solution of mild soap or oil soap for wood is recommended. Spray furniture waxes and polishes are not necessary and can cloud the furniture finish.


    *Fine wood furniture should not be exposed to extreme heat or humidity.  Try to avoid placing your furniture near vents, radiators, registers, fireplaces, or air conditioning units.  Also, to protect your finish aganist fading, try to avoid exposure to direct sunlight.


    *Protect surfaces from liquids by using coasters, saucers, or cosmetic trays under beverages or plants. Spilled liquids should be wiped up immediately with a soft, slightly dampened cloth.


    *Make sure your furniture is level on the floor, so all of your china, silver and display pieces are safe and secure.